Work in Progress

~When Kathryn Scott’s husband dies in a plane crash she becomes the focus of drug dealers, diamond smugglers and the police. Finding that her husband left her financially destitute she enters into a lawsuitPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00004] to obtain half the profits from the sale of her late husband’s partnership to Black Capital Development Company. The shy and mild mannered widow feels very much alone as she struggles to deal with what seem like insurmountable problems. When she meets a strong sexy stranger who reawakens feelings she hasn’t known in years, she no longer feels so alone.

William Black, a widower and self-made man, is wealthy, unyielding, and dominates in all he undertakes. Building Black Capital Development Company. one of the largest development companies in the country, replaced having a woman in his life. Now one of his biggest projects is delayed by a lawsuit. As he copes with demonstrations, vandalism and internal company problems he meets a beautiful and desirable woman who dominates his thoughts and desires.

When the true identities of the widow known as Kate and the man known as Billy are exposed, Kate’s heart is deeply wounded by Billy’s accusations. Can their mutual feelings of betrayal ever be set aside? If a settlement of the lawsuit is made will Kate be dealing with the wealthy building magnate — or the sexy stranger?

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