A Book for Women

I almost never do more than a short review of a book, such as if I buy one on Amazon etc., much less blog about one. However, once in a while you come across a book that just reaches out and grabs your heart. Such a book is Our Mothers’ War by Emily Yellin. Even though I seldom read non-fiction, my attention was riveted on this to the last page.

I enjoy history, especially that of real people, and it was a big surprise when I found such a rich portrayal of women in this book. It tells of women and how World War II changed their lives not only during the war but afterward. I knew these things–but I found I didn’t know them really, at all. I grew up under this generation of women, my mother and others, and I remember the occasional comment or reference to the war years. But after reading this book I now understand as well as remember. Why my mother was the way she was, and made the decisions she made, had always been an enigma. Now I see better why she was the person she was.

These women had tremendous courage and changed the world of women greatly. There is a thread through their accomplishments that extends to our present day and many of the problems they faced still linger. I closed the book at the last page with the fervent hope that the women of today never let the courage of our mothers be in vain. To that end I will see that my granddaughters read this book. I want them to understand that the freedoms they enjoy were paid for by their great-grandmothers.

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