I want January Back!

I’m not sure where January went but I want it back. I always look forward to the beginning of a new year. It’s like you leave all that baggage behind you from last year and start with a clean slate. This year I planned to take care of anything that had to be done on the very day it came up. I would finish projects on time and quit putting things off and finish 2016 blessedly free of stress and backlogs and without need for apologies and excuses for those things I didn’t get finished, or started for that matter.

All went well for the first day or so. Then some unknown enemy force torpedoed January. I learned it is physically impossible to be in two, much less three, places at once and therefore you are going to go rapidly behind no matter what you do. Those days when you have nothing scheduled and plan to catch up? Let me know how they work for you because they didn’t do a thing for me.

Now I’m sitting here looking over the top of a tall pile of paper that needs dealing with after spending half the day taking care of only two pieces of it. I want the January of my dreams back and this pile to go away. But since that isn’t likely to happen maybe I should start a monthly list of apologies and excuses instead of waiting until the end of the year?