Why romantic suspense?

Welcome to my blog.  Please drop in often and join me on my journey.  The current blog tour challenge caught up with me when Bonnie Phelps, author of “Julia’s Star,” nominated me for this week.  Bonnie’s blog can be found as a guest post on the blog site of Krista Lynn, where you can also read about Krista’s upcoming “The Haunting of Sunset Canyon.”


I write contemporary romantic suspense because I love, well, “love,” and everyone has a love story.  I add suspense to make my characters work for and appreciate the happy ending they find.  I love writing a story and creating the characters.  I watch people on the street or in stores.  What is their story?  What does their appearance tell me?  Does he/she stand tall and stride with an air of authority or rush along with an anxious look, maybe with a shopping bag or a fussy toddler in tow.  Are they dressed with perfection or like it was an afterthought?  Are they young with the ‘nothing bad will ever happen to me’ attitude or do they sport a more aware look that comes with age and experience?  What kind of a story could I craft around them?  What problems could they have as they go about their daily lives?  I love writing about people, especially when they fall in love.


Question One:  The name of my character and is he/she fictional or historic?  I have two main characters.  Kathryn (Kate) Scott is my fictional heroine.  She is the mother of three children, one married and two in college.  My hero is William (Billy) Black.  He also has two children.


Question Two:  When and where is the story set?  The story takes place in northern California.


Question Three:  What should you know about them?  Kathryn is a widow.  She went from being a dirt poor child to college on a scholarship where she met Peter Scott and married above her social level thinking she had found love and happiness.  She has since spent her life being the quiet and perfect wife and mother.  William Black is half American Indian.  His mother was a drunk and he never knew his father.  He married early and his young wife didn’t share his ambition to better herself, following instead the path of his mother.  Billy struggled to get his college education and raise his two children when his wife died.  He went from a small time builder to the owner of a major development company and now has wealth and influence.  He is a grim and driven businessman.


Question Four:  What is the conflict?  What messes up their life?  Their lives are messed up with the death of Kathryn’s husband in a plane crash the day before he and his business partner were to sign the papers to sell a piece of property to William Black.  Kathryn finds that her husband was not wealthy but had more debt than he could pay and has left her penniless.  She also finds that for several years he has been keeping a mistress.  She now feels that the reason he has not been attentive to her for several years is because she is unattractive and dull and no one could possibly care for her.  William Black finds that one of the biggest projects his company has taken on is held up by a lawsuit between Peter Scott’s partner and Kathryn, who desperately needs Peter’s half of the money.  They have never met each other but are sworn enemies in a legal battle.  Billy has never let himself get close to a woman since his disastrous marriage and feels no woman would want him for anything but his money.


What are their personal goals?  Kathryn hopes for enough money from the lawsuit to help her two younger children finish college and to return herself to finish a teaching degree she gave up many years before.  She must now go from a quiet retiring housewife and mother to taking charge of her own life and affairs.  Billy finds himself having more problems with opposition to the development and with internal company problems.  He vows to crush this woman who is holding up his project.  They have never met but are sworn enemies in the legal battle.  When they meet by chance and are attracted to each other they both want to remain anonymous with the intention of just a casual affair.  Attraction turns to love but before it has a chance to flower they are confronted with who each other really are.  Picking up the shattered pieces of their lives brings them face to face to realize that love is not always what it seems.

This book is called “Objection to Love.”  I am doing revisions now and plan to self publish it on Amazon.com in the spring of 2015.  It will join my already published, “Dangerous to Love” which is also available on www.Amazon.com in both print and Kindle.  You can follow the comments of my progress on www.facebook.com/elsa.bayly

I would like to nominate Michele Mills for next week’s blog.

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