Desk again!

It’s done it again!  My desk has caught me unaware and got out of control.  My desk has a personality.  I think of it as somewhere between an unruly teenager and a hardened criminal out to do damage.  It stays under the radar by sitting here quietly while it plots its evil and procreates.

I work every day, some doing a lot of writing and on less productive days I try to clear the 101 things that pile up.  Everything from correspondence to my checkbook to phone calls or work on classes I frequently take on line.  You would think I would notice the desk creeping up on me, wouldn’t you?  Turning that 101 things into 1,001 and turning one pile into three or four.

All I can tell you is that this thing is really good.  The FBI would be thrilled to get it.  It sneaks up on you and gets all the information about you or anything you are doing.  Then hides it!  Honest.  You need the mind of a chess master to find anything.  You know you put it down right there but where did it go?  The desk hid it.  I’m thinking of getting a hammer and nails and every time I put something down, bam, I nail it to the desk.  Let it try to hide it then.  I haven’t figured out what to do about those tall piles to big to nail down.  People who come to visit look at my desk with this strange look.  They know better than to ask or comment.  Only my husband does that.  I find a lot of things outside for him to do.

Guess I can’t be too concerned right now.  I have a book to write and I can’t let this desk sidetrack me.