After Success

Everyone wants success, right?  One of the definitions I found in the dictionary is, “the gaining of wealth and fame.”  I suspect that is the interpretation most people put on success.  The other two definitions I found are, “favorable or desired outcome” and “one that succeeds.”  Most people who have achieved the “gaining of wealth and fame” are what we think of as a success.

This year I accomplished the publishing of my book, “Dangerous to Love” in both e book and print.  So I would argue that the “favorable or desired outcome” is by far the most important definition.   When I was growing up my father always grew a large garden.  It was beautiful, with straight rows devoid of weeds and hoed to perfection.  I was drafted to help with this and while I would rather have curled up with a good book somewhere, there was always a feeling of satisfaction to look back on a row and observe what a good job I had done.  I had done it.  It didn’t just happen to be that way and nobody helped me, I did it myself.  I felt the same way when I learned to sew and to cook or turned in a particularly well done homework assignment.  Of course, at the time I didn’t think about it as success but just that I had done a good job.

When I began to write, it never occurred to me that I would ever publish anything.  As time went on I began to think maybe I could after all.  It was a long learning curve to write a book.  When I was finished I had to decide if I was going to publish it myself or depend on getting an agent or editor.  I decided to go with self publishing even though I knew there was a lot involved.  You have to understand I am not a techie, I face my computer every day like we are adversaries.  It took me several months.  The only part I had done for me was the cover and I got a wonderful one from cover artist and romance writer, Kimberly Van Meter.  When it was done and I finally looked at it on my computer screen on Amazon it was a truly magical moment.  I had achieved the “desired outcome.”

I don’t expect to achieve wealth and fame, but I am a success.  I had a dream and a goal and I did it myself.  My husband and my family encouraged me but I was the one that had to do it.  Am I happy?  Yes, I am.  Am I proud?  You bet, I am.  But the success of accomplishment has another gift it brings with it  —  confidence.  If you achieve a goal, even a small one, it gives you a feeling of self empowerment to go on to the next one.  Finally, you reach for the big one.  For me that was writing and publishing a book.  Now I am into writing my second book and when I hit writer’s block or it just doesn’t read right I will cling to my confidence that I did it once and I can do it again.

How much happier we can all be if we think of success in terms not of material gain but in terms of accomplishment of our dreams.