The Time Factor

ELSA BAYLY cover photoHello Everyone,

I have been woefully slow in posting again.  The last month has been extremely busy for me but as I think about it I come to the realization that is the norm for most people these days.  Everyone is on a high run most of the time with jobs, children, school, family obligations and/or social organizations.  It also seems that fun and entertainment have come very close to being another chore to get done.  It’s hard not to get caught up in the circle of it all when there is so much we want to do.  That being said, I am going to attempt to turn over a new leaf and combine slowing down with being more productive.  If I don’t have the time to do it all today I will put some of it off until tomorrow but what I do today I will give my full attention to.  Perhaps that will result in actually finishing more chores and also by giving my full attention to each one, possibly doing a better job.

An important part of my ‘new leaf’ is to plan in a bit of time for something that seems to be missing these days from fun and entertainment.  It’s a little experienced thing today called relaxation.   It’s fun to go to a sports event or a social gathering, it’s entertaining to watch a movie or take a trip to see something.  But it’s not always relaxing.  Everyone will have a different idea of what to do to relax but I think of it as anything that will let the mind take precedence over the daily planner.  With me that is usually a book.

This past month saw my book, ‘Dangerous to Love,’ become available on  It is now published as an e book for Kindle but I hope in the near future to have the print version out also.  I have just started working on my next book which so far has no name.  So — having worked on it today I am going to let my ideas for it ‘simmer’ in the back of my head and go do some quality relaxing with a good book.  I wish you the same enjoyment.

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