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Hello All,

Had a great time last Saturday at the Jane Porter seminar. She is a fantastic speaker as wel as author. I came away encouraged and enthusiastic and ready to write, write, write. Hearing about the experiences of successful writers helps me, and I believe others also, to enjoy the highs and minimize the lows. To know that those who are successful have had their own trials and tribulations as well as triumphs and achievements serves to keep us all pulling together as writers.

I have found the writing community to be full of kind and giving individuals ready to help their peers, be they newbies or those who have been around a while and have hit a snag in the progress of their writing. If I were never to achieve any success in my writing I would still feel grateful to belong to this group of people.

So, that being said, I am ready to move on. I am finding that while I am progressing toward getting my book up on Amazon that my mind is more and more turning to the next book. Some writers work on several projects at once but I have always been rather a one track person. I suppose that makes me less productive but different ways work for different people.

This is a busy month as I am taking two online classes. That makes things a bit crazy in trying to get everything done but I always enjoy taking classes. You always learn something that you come away with that you can’t wait to put into practice.

Until next time.

Elsa Writes Romance

Hello to all you readers and writers out there. Time to update this blog a bit. As a newcomer to blogging I have been reading up on it and the advice seems to go like this: write about writing, write about personal things, write about what’s happening?? Okaaaaay!

Today was hair and nail day. Getting ready for Saturday. My writing chapter in Fresno, Yosemite Romance Writers, is giving a one day seminar with Jane Porter. I’m looking forward to it. I love classes and talks and hearing what others have to say. Even when I think it is a subject that has nothing for me there is always something I come away excited about. I had thought that I might get home today in time to suggest we go out to eat. (New hairdo and all, you know?) As usual I was running behind and it didn’t seem worth it to tear hubby out of the news and away from tonight’s episode of “Survivor.”

My book “Dangerous To Love” is back from the editor and I am working on a few changes. Next will be navigating the path for formatting and uploading to Amazon. To most people that is no big deal. To me it is a mountain of stress! I am a button pusher. As long as the button works, I’m good with it. I have been thinking about kids these days, my grandchildren for instance. I have decided that some alien being has found earth and when mothers are carrying these babies these aliens invade their bodies and implant a high capacity microchip in the kids brains. Then when they pop out at birth the first thing they do in the delivery room is ask for a cellphone with internet access. The first time one of my grandaughters told me I needed new wallpaper, I was shocked. I asked her, “You don’t like the paint?”

Until next week. All of you keep reading.